Leist Warner Files Lawsuit Against Safeguard Properties

Leist Warner has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of all persons who allege that they were the victim of improper actions by Safeguard Properties LLC. The complaint alleges that, “Plaintiff and Class Members were legally residing in their homes when Safeguard invaded the sanctity of their homes, destroyed their property, and attempted to forbid them from reentering their homes.” –

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June 3, 2015

Homeowners Illegally Locked Out of Homes to Receive Restitution

Chicago — Attorney General Lisa Madigan today announced a $1 million settlement with Safeguard Properties LLC over allegations the company illegally locked Illinois residents out of their homes before a foreclosure was finalized. Under Madigan’s settlement, Safeguard, a Delaware corporation based in Ohio, must pay $1 million, nearly all of which will be paid to Illinois residents who filed complaints over Safeguard’s practices. Safeguard must also follow 40 operating standards in conducting inspections and other services relating to Illinois properties set by Madigan’s office to ensure homeowners’ rights are protected. Safeguard is the largest company in the country hired by mortgage lenders to determine whether homeowners in default or facing foreclosure are living in their homes. If a property is deemed vacant, Safeguard is responsible for securing and maintaining the property to ensure it does not lose value after it is foreclosed. Continue Reading

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Linda Erkkila, General Counsel for Safeguard Properties, highlighted in Cleveland News.

Safeguard Properties General Counsel In The News

Stan Bullard, writing for Crain’s Cleveland Business, penned a brief writeup on Linda Erkkila, general cousel of Safeguard Properties. That article states “Erkkila engaged as a strategic leader within the company, identifying operational issues that could invite regulatory challenges and potential weaknesses in its procedures. She created a committee to respond to technological needs relating to consumer complaint reporting, the nomination said. She also sits on Safeguard’s compliance committee, and she met with government regulators to educate them about the industry and Safeguard’s focus on improving quality controls.” For those keeping up with the industry and its players, you might find interest in reading the story. Continue Reading

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