Kingsport Tennessee

Kingsport Tennessee Stepping Up Enforcement

 Kingsport Tennessee Stepping Up Enforcement

The TimesNews just published an article concerning more vacant property building violations and the city’s intended enforcement activities. Matthew wrote:
Kingsport is starting to take a more coordinated and proactive approach to code enforcement, specifically with building violations, high grass and junk vehicles. Read more: Kingsport revving up code enforcement efforts | Kingsport Times-News Follow us: @timesnewsonline on Twitter | timesnews on Facebook

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REO Preservation & Protection Cost Schedules for Tennessee

<h2 style=”text-align: center;”>REO Preservation &amp; Protection Cost Schedules for Tennessee</h2>
<strong>Maximum Allowable</strong>
1-Unit $1100.00
2-Unit $1250.00
3-Unit $1400.00
4-Unit $1550.00
<em>Note: If a property is located in a state where winterization is required, and the property has hot water heat, add $250/unit.</em>

<strong>Property Inspection</strong>
Occupancy Inspection (Exterior); add’l units $10.00 $20.00
Initial Vacant Property Inspection (Interior); add’l units $30.00 $35.00
Vacant Property Inspection (On-Going); add’l units $25.00 $30.00

<strong>Lock Change/Securing</strong>
Maximum Allowable Securing Fee $350.00
Secure Pool (sqft) $2.05/sq.ft. Secure Pool Maximum Amount $1050.00
Secure One Door $40.00
Hot-Tub, Jacuzzi, or Spa $55.00

Boarding 1/2-inch (UI) $0.80
Boarding 5/8-inch (UI) $0.90
Boarding 3/4-inch (UI) $1.00
Screening (UI) $0.55

<strong>Debris Removal</strong>
Please see page 33 of ML 07-03 for Large Appliance, Pest Infestation and Tire Amounts
Per Cubic Yard $50.00
Maximum Allowable 1-Unit (12 cu yd.) $600.00
Maximum Allowable 2-Unit (15 cu yd.) $750.00
Maximum Allowable 3-Unit (18 cu yd.) $900.00
Maximum Allowable 4-Unit (21 cu yd.) $1050.00
Vehicle Removal $195.00
<em>(Outside of Memphis) No variation to Attachment 5, Page 1.</em>
<em> (Memphis) One before and one after photograph is required for each room or outbuilding containing debris to be removed.</em>

<strong>Yard Maintenance</strong>
Initial Cut up to 10,000 sq. ft. $85.00
Initial Cut 10,001 to 15,000 sq. ft. Continue Reading

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