GreenLeaf Financial Tells 100+ To Take A Walk

Springleaf Financial To Close Texas Operations

SpringLeaf Financial Tells 100+ To Take A Walk


Springleaf Financial, previously known as American General Finance, with corporate headquarters in Evansville Indiana and approximately 900 branch across the U.S., U.K, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands announced the closing of its Irving Texas Mortage Servicing Operations. The closing, by the end of September will result in the loss of over 100 jobs resulting in a blow to the area’s economy. [schema type=”organization” orgtype=”Organization” name=”Springleaf Financial” city=”Irving” state=”Texas” ]

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Texas Arrest

Low Fees Lead Texas Law Enforcement To Bad Guys

Texas wants a little of that Craigslist action. The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation is running Craigslist ads asking its citizens to report unlicensed contractors. A recent ad by the TDLR contains wording that indicates low fees get their attention:

“encourages” the public to report all unlicensed air condition and electrical contractors. The public can ask and view any licensed contractors documents including the required
$100,000 line of comercial insurance they MUST carry to hold a TEXAS LICENSE. NO EXCEPTIONS! Continue Reading

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REO Preservation & Protection Cost Schedules for Texas

REO Preservation & Protection Cost Schedules for Texas
Maximum Allowable
1-Unit $1100.00
2-Unit $1250.00
3-Unit $1400.00
4-Unit $1550.00
Note: If a property is located in a state where winterization is required, and the property has hot water heat, add $250/unit. Property Inspection
Occupancy Inspection (Exterior); add’l units $10.00 $20.00
Initial Vacant Property Inspection (Interior); add’l units $30.00 $35.00
Vacant Property Inspection (On-Going); add’l units $25.00 $30.00

Lock Change/Securing
Maximum Allowable Securing Fee $350.00
Secure Pool (sqft) $2.05/sq.ft. Secure Pool Maximum Amount $1050.00
Secure One Door $40.00
Hot-Tub, Jacuzzi, or Spa $55.00

Boarding 1/2-inch (UI) $0.80
Boarding 5/8-inch (UI) $0.90
Boarding 3/4-inch (UI) $1.00
Screening (UI) $0.55

Debris Removal
Please see page 33 of ML 07-03 for Large Appliance, Pest Infestation and Tire Amounts
Per Cubic Yard $45.00
Maximum Allowable 1-Unit (12 cu yd.) $540.00
Maximum Allowable 2-Unit (15 cu yd.) $675.00
Maximum Allowable 3-Unit (18 cu yd.) $810.00
Maximum Allowable 4-Unit (21 cu yd.) $945.00
Vehicle Removal $190.00

Yard Maintenance
Initial Cut up to 10,000 sq. ft. $85.00
Initial Cut 10,001 to 15,000 sq. Continue Reading

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